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President's Message - September 2020


Diane Hanson

Last May this commission instructed Barbara Hamilton to research the suspension, forfeiture and business entity of Luis Rey, LLC (Saunders Properties business entity for RSLR). Not sure that report was ever given. Sec of State records show the period of forfeiture was 10.1.2020 to 5.20.2022 (the same month/year the permit for the valve repairs was approved!). Therefore, in 2021 Saunders Properties had no right to collect a CPI increase, or rents, or to do business in Oceanside or California!!

This Commission’s Resolution 22-R0217 states: #7) charges must be in compliance with State Law. #4) No increase shall be effective until the Fire Marshal determines by certification of an independent third-party outside contractor that the isolation valves are operational, and gives a report to this commission. The 2021 Notice of Completion was given before the valves were fixed, and Luis Rey, LLC had no business entity! The 2022 Notice gave Luis Rey, LLC approval before the Fire Marshall’s report was given to this Commission.

This month the HOs were billed the 3.9% 2022 increase. Seems the city favors the PO, which is contrary to 16B and the purpose of this Commission.

Please, reimburse the RSLR homeowners for these errors, by deducting the 2021 CPI increase of 1.13% from the 2022 increase of 3.9%. Add the new 2022 increase of 2.77% to base rents ($476) in 2021.

This would simplify STAR’s accounting procedures and save Saunders the financial hardship of a one-time refund to each homeowner.

Please, be Fair to the HOs.
President's Message - July 2020

2022 CPI Rent Increases for Parks in Oceanside

Housing and Community Developement (HCD) is a state organization that inspects 5% of all the manufactured home parks in California every year. So a park may not be inspected again for a decade or more. Therefore, HCD may designate some cities to do the inspections. In 1997 Oceanside was designed to do that.

Oceanside's Code Enforcement conducts the park inspections every year during the months of February and March per HCD guidelines. These inspections have been done on the common areas - the Park Owners responsibility. In 2022 - 7 of the 17 parks did not pass inspection. Showing that park owners are not maintaining their properties.

At the July 2022 Fair Housing Commission meeting, Oceanside city staff was directed to investigate those seven parks to see if the violations had been remedied. Those parks are:

El Camino 76, Las Salina, Mission View West, Pacific Trailer Park,

Rancho Calevero, Royal Palms, Terrace Gardens

Some parks may have already done the repairs, so find out if your park has passed. If not the CPI increase should not be billed to you until all items have been remedied. The 2022 CPI Rent Increases was 3.9%. The chart below shows the amounts of new rents for all the manufactured home parks in Oceanside.

Please be an advocate in protecting your rights.

Oceanside Parks Rent, 2022

Diane Hanson - President of OMHA
President's Message - June 2020


Please take a moment to view the following Ted Talk video. This is why we are working to make sure our way of life is safe and secure. Affordable Housing

Diane Hanson, Pres. - OMHA
President's Message - May 2020 There is a video on UTube by John Oliver about mobile homes. It is done with humor and some colorful language. The message is about the dangers of buying this type of home - especially if it doesn't have rent control.

The video is linked directly to UTube and also on RSLR's website: Predatory Park Owners under "Things to Know" on the left side of the page. It is both informative and educational.

Warren Buffett (Carlyle Group) is the largest owner of Mobile Home Parks in the country. As you are aware, most of these parks were originally family owned but are now being bought by Investment Firms. The firms that recently bought Parks in Oceanside are looking for ways to go around or to eliminate Rent Control. They are buying homes in the Park and renting them out at market value. The renters are not abiding by the R&Rs, and the Park Operator doesn't enforce them. The property is neglected to save money to show a better bottom line to investors. These homes do not pay into the Rent Control Fund. That fund is dangerously low.

The Park Owner/Operator does not inspect the Homeowners house exterior/yards or most of the common areas. There are Failure to Maintain issues in the majority of Oceanside Parks. That's why over half the Parks did not pass inspection this year - 2022. The Park Owner will plead - "we didn't know the property was in such bad shape when we bought it". They will delay repairs until forced to do the work. Some will try for a NOI increase, even though the City allows a cost of living increase each year. These issues are becoming more prominent each year as more parks are being sold to Investment Firms. These Firms have attorneys on retainer. The Homeowners can't afford even one.

This is why we are so thankful to have Rent Control in Oceanside. We fought to keep it in 2010 and will do so again.

Diane Hanson
President's Message

April 8, 2022 – Diane Hanson

On April 7, 2022 RSLR was successful in getting the Fair Practices Commission to revoke the rent increase for 2022. It was because the conditions on the 2021 Inspection were still not fixed.

This is proof that you have to be proactive. Please pass info on to your Park's members.

When I met with Olga Lugan in February she told me "Don't wait for the inspection to complain. Do it now by calling the City's Complaint Line -760.435.4500" The operator will send your complaint to the City Clerk where it will be assigned a number and forward it to the proper Department. The City Clerk will email you with the number within 10 days." You can track the case by the number.

If your issue is still not resolved, send an email/letter to the City Council, a copy to the City Attorney, and Code Enforcement. Speak at the City Council meetings. One is held every Wed. at City Hall.

16B governs the annual Health & Safety inspections of each Park in Oceanside. It states: "the rents should not be increased until all unsatisfactory conditions have been remedied."

If your issue involves inspections add the Fair Practices commission. Chairman, George McNeil -

16B, MRL and other vital information is listed on OHMA's website:

You have the information... now it is up to you.


Diane Hanson, Pres. - OMHA
President's Message


I had been President of OMHA (Oceanside Manufactured Homeowners Alliance) for two months when I met a woman whose son lives in a Trailer Park in Oceanside. “His rent just went up – a lot in December. Is he on rent control?” she asked. I told her the Manufactured home rent increases were on July 1 of each year. Maybe her son was not on rent control? Was her son the owner of his home?

I needed clarification on this issue. So I asked Leilani Hines, Department head for Oceanside Housing and Neighborhood Services. Here’s a summary of her response. It doesn’t matter if the home is a trailer, an RV or a manufactured home. It is the relationship between the Park Owner and the Homeowner that determines who is covered by Rent Control. If the Homeowner is renting the ground beneath the home and owns his home… he qualifies for Rent Control. If the person is renting both the home and the ground they are NOT covered by Rent Control.

Therefore, it is the individual homeowner in any Park that is covered.

I’ve learned that there are some homeowners who live in Trailer Parks who are unaware of Rent Control. They were told they had to sign a lease. (NEVER to do that) Some have taken over the remainder of a 30 year lease from the Sellers!!

BEWARE! Inform your friends. Stay tuned…. I’m still investigating this issue.
President's Message


Important - please read: 2022 - Voter Redistricting Oceanside

It’s a new year with a new Board of Directors and a new vision for OMHA.

The past two years have been a challenge both personally and professionally. So many small business have closed. Most Organizations have not met face to face for two years. It’s difficult to have meetings, recruit new members and volunteers. OMHA has lost friends and members in this crisis. We are determined to continue to serve you - the Manufactured Homeowner.

In August we went paperless. Between COVID and no newsletter it’s been difficult to communicate. We are looking into new ways to communicate: Website, Zoom, email blasts for Park Reps, Next Door, etc. We are trying to keep in touch with you. As soon we can meet face to face we will visit your Park. Please keep in touch with us by going to our website at least once a month. Reminder: When you pay your rent – go to the OMHA website --- you can help, spread the word.

Our future plans are to unite, educate and inform all the parks in Oceanside. To keep Homeowners abreast of the latest issues and how to solve them. To work with other organizations that have the same goals.

Here is your new OMHA Board:

President - Diane Hanson, former Vice President & Rancho San Luis Rey Park Rep.;

Vice President - Penny Russell, Laguna Vista Park Rep. & Membership Chair person;

Secretary - Vikki Schaffner, Laguna Vista - Past Park Rep.;

Treasurer - Barry Horton, Treasurer;

Director at Large – Donna Cooper, Mission View West Park Rep., & Web Master.
President's Speech

Diane Hanson's Speech at CAVALIER on 2.26.22

We are so happy to be here, especially since we can see yourfaces without masks. Hi, I am Diane Hanson. I have been a member of OMHA since 2009. I was VP of OMHA last year and became President last month.

OMHA stands for Oceanside Manufactured Homeowners Alliance. It was formed in 2004 as a mutual non-profit organization. Its purpose is to educate homeowners as to their rights and to promote their general welfare.

A decade ago, OMHA played an active role in saving Rent Control. In 2010 Victor Roy and I walked neighborhoods, knocked on doors, spoke to residents, telephoned people, and got signatures for the referendum. Many MHOs did the same. Did you? It was a great victory for Manufactured Homeowners. OMHA and homeowners must always remain vigilant about Rent Control.

OMHA has now returned to our original purpose. That is to unite, inform and educate the MHP in Oceanside and to keep the homeowners aware local and state issues. When all the parks are united we have power. We plan to work with other organizationsthat have similar goals. One of those is GSMOL which works on legislation in the State.

At the State level - OMHA assisted GSMOL in passing 2 bills that became laws last month. They are in the 2022 edition of the MRL which is available to you now. Just ask your Park Management for a FREE copy. It outlines the State laws for Park Owners and Homeowners. Your rights are outlined there.

The two bills are AB861 – which states the Park Owner and Homeowner must both follow the R&Rs of the Park. If the Park Owner is buying up homes and renting them out, the homeowner may also rent out his/her home. AB1061 - Water bills: If on a Master Meter, not all customer fees maybe be passed onto the homeowner. Watch your water bills.

At the City level – the annual Park Inspections are currently taking place. If the Park passes inspection it can raise the rent ¾ of the CPI increase, but never more than 5%.

Redistricting is happening now. This is a Federal mandate that caused the City of Oceanside to be divided into 4 Districts to vote for City council members. The purpose is to keep the populations in each “district” equal - to about 43,500 people. With Districting we vote only for a candidate who is running in the district in which we live. Every 10 years there is another Census and another “redistricting”. This vote is for City Council only. The Mayor, City Clerk and City Treasurer are still voted on by all Districts. Victor is our City Treasurer and the GSMOL Associate Manager for San Diego, Imperial and part of Riverside Counties.

Eight of the Manufactured Home Parks are located in District 2: Rancho San Luis Rey, Laguna Vista, El Camino 76, Trico, Mission View West, Westwinds, Terrace Gardens, and Lamplighter. Mission View Manor is in District 4. Cavalier is in District 3. La Salina maybe moved to Dist. 1. Miramar is already in District 1.

The City has asked for “input” from the citizens to keep “like communities” together. Manufactured Home Parks are a “like community”. Victory and I have already attended a meeting and given our “input”. The City Council meeting on Wed. March 9, at 6 pm will be the deadline for any citizen’s input. The Council will choose the final map that night. Please attend that meeting to give your input. Candidates will begin campaigning in August. Elections will take place in November. It is important you know how the candidates stand on all the issues - especially on Rent Control. It is the Oceanside City Council that determines if we keep Rent Control – or NOT. Invite the candidates to speak at your Park. It is natural for a politician to say almost anything to get elected, so ask pertinent questions.

Even though the new OMHA Board has been operating for only one month exciting things are happening. We are making new, positive connections with the City, we are investigating various ways to communicate with our members. We’re stream lining a lot of procedures, and have gotten 31 new members!!

We would like you to join our organization. Applications are on the handout. The applications and more information about OMHA are on our website: Our goal is the have an OMHA Park Rep in each Park. The Parks Reps recruit new members and keep their homeowners informed – usually by email, posting notices and talking to their neighbors. We’ve not been able to communicate with Cavalier because Cavalier has no OMHA Park Rep. Cavalier is the second largest Park in Oceanside. It needs an OMHA Park rep.

Now, I would like to introduce Penny Russell. She is the OMHA Park Rep for Laguna Vista and Vice President of OMHA. Thank you so much for having us here today. Penny…
Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To unite, protect, educate and inform the homeowners in the Rent Controlled Manufactured Home Parks in Oceanside. OMHA will interact with the City of Oceanside, and will join efforts with organizations that have similar goals like GSMOL (Golden State Manufactured home Owners League) to pass laws that will benefit the homeowner.
Oceanside Mobile Home Residents Share Stories

Penny Russell tells us this: Laguna Vista Mobile Home Park -- I was lucky enough to discover OMHA three years ago. I attended the general meetings and discovered a group of people with a wealth of information and who really care what happens to the homeowners in our mobilehome community. I am encouraged by the work this organization does and as such, have taking the position of Vice President and the OMHA representative for our park, Laguna Vista Estates.

Vikki Schaffner, Secretary says: "My husband and I moved to Oceanside in May 2017. We received a newsletter explaining the organization and what it stood for, which impressed us and decided to join. It was also an election year for the position of Secretary on the Board. I decided to apply because I thought it would be a good chance to stay on top of what is going on around Oceanside and the importance of keeping rent-control. This is a great organization and very important to keeping our way of life."


WHY I JOINED OMHA, by Diane Hanson --- I moved to Rancho San Luis Rey in 2009. Every year RSLR has a membership drive. It includes: RSLR homeowners association, GSMOL and OMHA. I joined all three.

The RSLR Homeowners Advisory Committee (HAC) was very active in the affairs within the Park.

GSMOL – is a State organization that passes laws for the benefit of manufactured homeowners. I felt that was very important. Bob Markley was President of the local Chapter and he asked me to serve on GSMOL’s Board. I did so for 7 years. Five of those years I was membership chairwoman. During that time Bob was also President of OMHA.

OMHA - In 2021 Bob asked me to become Vice President of OMHA. I liked it because it included the all the senior parks in Oceanside. The goal is to benefit the homeowners in the City. At the end of 2021, after 10 years of service, Bob decided not run again for President. I became President in January 2022.
OMHA - Nonprofit Organization ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION: Oceanside Manufactured Homeowners Alliance, Inc. (OMHA) is a nonprofit public benefit corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for public purposes.

Purpose: This corporation is organized and operated exclusively for Social Welfare purposes within the meaning of 501 (c) (4) of the Internal Revenue Code.
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2022 - Voter Redistricting Oceanside
Presidents Message, by: Diane Hanson, Presiddent

These city reports list the Park's name, number of Rent Controlled units, Greenbill (long term leases), then Park owned units and vacant spaces.

As you compare the two years, you will note that the Park Owned units are increasing each year. You should be aware of this. It is a growing trend. I know that in Rancho San Luis Rey the owner now has over 20 homes.

Click below on link to see the PDF version of the chart.

Park Registrations, 2019-2020

While every care has been exercised in compiling and publishing the data contained in these pages, OMHA and VOLUNTEERS accept no responsibility for errors or omissions of the information. Donna Cooper, Webmaster Return to Copyright