OMHA President

Diane Hanson

Oceanside Manufactured
Homeowners Alliance, Inc.

President's Speech

Diane Hanson's Speech at CAVALIER on 2.26.22

We are so happy to be here, especially since we can see yourfaces without masks. Hi, I am Diane Hanson. I have been a member of OMHA since 2009. I was VP of OMHA last year and became President last month.

OMHA stands for Oceanside Manufactured Homeowners Alliance. It was formed in 2004 as a mutual non-profit organization. Its purpose is to educate homeowners as to their rights and to promote their general welfare.

A decade ago, OMHA played an active role in saving Rent Control. In 2010 Victor Roy and I walked neighborhoods, knocked on doors, spoke to residents, telephoned people, and got signatures for the referendum. Many MHOs did the same. Did you? It was a great victory for Manufactured Homeowners. OMHA and homeowners must always remain vigilant about Rent Control.

OMHA has now returned to our original purpose. That is to unite, inform and educate the MHP in Oceanside and to keep the homeowners aware local and state issues. When all the parks are united we have power. We plan to work with other organizationsthat have similar goals. One of those is GSMOL which works on legislation in the State.

At the State level - OMHA assisted GSMOL in passing 2 bills that became laws last month. They are in the 2022 edition of the MRL which is available to you now. Just ask your Park Management for a FREE copy. It outlines the State laws for Park Owners and Homeowners. Your rights are outlined there.

The two bills are AB861 – which states the Park Owner and Homeowner must both follow the R&Rs of the Park. If the Park Owner is buying up homes and renting them out, the homeowner may also rent out his/her home. AB1061 - Water bills: If on a Master Meter, not all customer fees maybe be passed onto the homeowner. Watch your water bills.

At the City level – the annual Park Inspections are currently taking place. If the Park passes inspection it can raise the rent ¾ of the CPI increase, but never more than 5%.

Redistricting is happening now. This is a Federal mandate that caused the City of Oceanside to be divided into 4 Districts to vote for City council members. The purpose is to keep the populations in each “district” equal - to about 43,500 people. With Districting we vote only for a candidate who is running in the district in which we live. Every 10 years there is another Census and another “redistricting”. This vote is for City Council only. The Mayor, City Clerk and City Treasurer are still voted on by all Districts. Victor is our City Treasurer and the GSMOL Associate Manager for San Diego, Imperial and part of Riverside Counties.

Eight of the Manufactured Home Parks are located in District 2: Rancho San Luis Rey, Laguna Vista, El Camino 76, Trico, Mission View West, Westwinds, Terrace Gardens, and Lamplighter. Mission View Manor is in District 4. Cavalier is in District 3. La Salina maybe moved to Dist. 1. Miramar is already in District 1.

The City has asked for “input” from the citizens to keep “like communities” together. Manufactured Home Parks are a “like community”. Victory and I have already attended a meeting and given our “input”. The City Council meeting on Wed. March 9, at 6 pm will be the deadline for any citizen’s input. The Council will choose the final map that night. Please attend that meeting to give your input. Candidates will begin campaigning in August. Elections will take place in November. It is important you know how the candidates stand on all the issues - especially on Rent Control. It is the Oceanside City Council that determines if we keep Rent Control – or NOT. Invite the candidates to speak at your Park. It is natural for a politician to say almost anything to get elected, so ask pertinent questions.

Even though the new OMHA Board has been operating for only one month exciting things are happening. We are making new, positive connections with the City, we are investigating various ways to communicate with our members. We’re stream lining a lot of procedures, and have gotten 31 new members!!

We would like you to join our organization. Applications are on the handout. The applications and more information about OMHA are on our website: Our goal is the have an OMHA Park Rep in each Park. The Parks Reps recruit new members and keep their homeowners informed – usually by email, posting notices and talking to their neighbors. We’ve not been able to communicate with Cavalier because Cavalier has no OMHA Park Rep. Cavalier is the second largest Park in Oceanside. It needs an OMHA Park rep.

Now, I would like to introduce Penny Russell. She is the OMHA Park Rep for Laguna Vista and Vice President of OMHA. Thank you so much for having us here today. Penny…
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